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Our Ground

Established in 1973

Menai Bridge Cricket Club is situated on the Isle of Anglesey in the North West of Wales just off the shores of the Menai Strait. Our most famous landmark is the Thomas Telford suspension bridge which links Menai Bridge to mainland Wales.

creek batting
Culver Center
2,4 mi
Farragut Dr
1,3 mi
Menton Ave
4 mi
Sawtelle Blvd
5 mi
Diller Ave
Slauson Ave

Event Route

The race will begin in Washington Culver and finish in Blanco-Culver Crest covering 6 miles.

We have four official water stations along our course as marked on the route map, with more unofficial water stations set up by our volunteers.

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Water Stations
Free Transportation
Quick Registration
Comfortable Toilets
Medical Support
Medals for Winners
7.00 am
Take part in a special event opening part available to those guests and participants who arrive early.
7.30 am
Event participants get a chance to select a preffered route of our race before it starts.
8.00 am
When all participants arrive and gather at Culver Center, our volunteers will register them.
8.15 am
To optimize our participants’ performance, we also offer free warm-up that starts with stretching.
8.20 am
After stretching, we invite everyone to basic warm-up to be better prepared for the race.
8.30 am
In this very essential part of the warming-up, there is a focus on the movements of a runner.
9.00 am
All adults start their run at 9:00 am after registration and gathering outside of the Culver Center.
9.30 am
If your child is registered, they can also take part in a special race organized for kids and teens.
11.45 am
Planned time of race finish is set for 11.45 am but event organizers will wait for all finishers.
12.00 pm
After all participants arrive at the finish line, organizers will announce the half marathon results.
12.15 pm
Our volunteers and organizers will present awards and certificate to all winners, including children.
12.30 pm
The entertainment program provided by our partners will begin straight after the award ceremony.

Our Community

Our half marathon unites a vast number of athletes and running enthusiasts.

The community of our event pursues the goal of promoting healthy living among children, teens, and adults. We are also known for widespread charitable work.

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Average number of people taking part in our half marathons.
Percentage of runners who became our regular participants over the years.
The total number of participants in all races in the last 5 years.

One of the most picturesque cricket grounds in North Wales

2014, 2015 and 2018 saw the 1st XI winning the Premier League and 2015 our 3rd XI winning the Sunday 3rd XI league competitions for the very first time.

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Our Partners

We work with an extensive amount of partners and investors who not only help us promote
our events but also make impactful contributions in the life of our community.