Bonus Ball

The Bonus Ball is a fund raising game that was established in October 2005 by MBCC committee members to help cover some of the maintaince costs associated with the running of a successful cricket club.

How does it work?

Each member of the Bonus Ball is assigned a number between 1 and 49 and if that number is drawn as the bonus ball in the main lotto draw on a Saturday night, the member assigned that number is the winner and receives a cheque for £25.

How much does it cost?

It costs just £5 a month to become a member, this can either be paid annually by cheque/cash amounting to £60 or monthly by standing order. Please contact Martyn Hull to arrange joining.

Why should I join?

The Bonus Ball has generated approximately £15000, and paid out approximately £6000 in winnings. The profits generated have been used to purchase items such as the large cover for the wicket, service and repair of the sit on gang mowers and the purchase of new equipment for our junior cricket teams. By joining the Bonus Ball you will not only have the chance of winning £25 every week, but you will also benefit from a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that can only be assosiated with contributing to the support of your local community cricket club!

Search For User

Group 1
First Name Last Name Number
Peter Maton 4
Paul Kirckham 5
Maureen Drake 6
Andy Webb 7
Arwel Hall 8
Warren Jones 10
Debbie Jones 11
Adam Harris 12
Nick Preston 13
Darren Owen 14
Dyfrig Jones 15
Chris Rowlands 16
Daniel Surgey 17
Jasmin Hughes 18
C W Owen 19
Nicky Jones 20
Peter Maton 21
Lynne Jones 22
Cheryl Dodd 23
Lyndsey Williams 24
Robbie Jones 25
M.A E.D How 27
Keith Owen 28
Patrick Blackmore 29
Allan Rogers 30
Rhian Jones 32
Rhys Dart 33
Raymond Marshall 34
Becky Thomas 35
James Islwyn 36
Steve Jones 37
C.B Foster 38
Tom Hull 39
Barbara Williams 41
J.J Wall 42
Andy Goodwin 44
Martyn Hull 45
E.O Jones 47
Shelia Evans 48
Julie Blackmore 49
Group 2
First Name Last Name Number
Stuart Williams 1
Nia Surgey 4
Vicky Smith 8
Dave Morrison 10
Rosemary Webb 12
Alun Surgey 13
Carl Byng 15
Ashley Wood 17
Rhian Winters 18
Katie Owen 20
Maldwyn Roberts 21
Danny Creek 22
Janice Roberts 23
Paul Lucas 25
Clare Byng 26
Keith Hughes 27
Rachel Evans 30
Sarah Hockenhull 31
Nick Evans 35
Andy Skeoch 38
Nick Evans 39
Nel Lough 43